Black Star and the Velvet Bones

BSVB is a sophisticated fine jewelry & accessories brand.

The brand concept, “silent rock ‘n’ roll”, expresses the collection’s casual yet fierce nature. The jewelry collection includes motifs of skulls, bones, and stars that come in 18K gold and 925 silver with diamond embellishments. The scarf collection screams rock ‘n’ roll with its vivid and bold graphics. BSVB introduces a whole new style or rock to this generation.

The Crimie

CRIMIE remains at the forefront of street fashion while reviving classic masculine rock 'n' roll styles. Inspired by American culture and an idiosyncratically "rock" desire to be new and original, the brand is designed for men who value aesthetics in their daily lives.

After opening in Tokyo and Los Angeles, CRIMIE began a collaboration line with "BILL WALL LEATHER", a leading figure in the silver jewelry industry, gathering fans from Malibu and across the world.

Hollywood Roger Club

Hollywood Roger Club is a debut optical and sunglasses brand inspired by the West Hollywood rock ‘n’ roll legends and the Quentin Tarantino film “True Romance”. All HRC frames bring back vintage looks while updating them with pinches of both luxury and rebellion.

The handmade 18K gold and 925 silver embellishments found on Hollywood Roger Club frames distinguish it among other brands. The first collection features skulls & crossbones and will debut Summer 2012.

LOSERS - Stick to Your Guns

LOSERS is designed by the renowned Japanese street artist SNEAKER WOLF, who is widely recognized for his past projects with countless other major footwear brands.

The brand is inspired by the un-"elite" art and culture of the streets. Channeling the energy and creativity that inspires D.I.Y. into its designs, the Custom Made line of LOSERS features SNEAKER WOLF's original artwork and customization.
The Toyplane

TOYPLANE was designed by Kiyonobu “KEY” Nakano with a taste of classic American style and the modern street scene.

Building off of his experience working in the U.S. as everything from an automobile mechanic to an airplane pilot, KEY's casual men’s apparel and accessories depict his perspective of the American standard from the "goold old days". At the same time, the sophisticated design and extensive detail in TOYPLANE designs reflect his keen understanding of fashion that he developed while traveling the world as a buyer for vintage clothing boutique.

In an era when we have forgotten the American standards of “stylish” and “high quality”, TOYPLANE brings back a genuine look that we have all been waiting for.

Garden Tokyo & LA

Garden is a boutique with locations in avant garde fashion centers of Tokyo and Los Angeles. The Tokyo shop opened in Harajuku in 2008 followed by the United States flagship shop in 2010.

The Garden shops represent the borderless world of Realizeworks and Higher Ground USA brands. International stylists and celebrities frequent Garden shops in search of the newest trends and ideas in fashion, interior and street style.

Corporate Group:

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